Symposium Overview

Join us at Chirality 2009 for a great opportunity to share ideas and to hear about the latest scientific advancements in an informal, highly stimulating environment.

Founded in 1988, the annual International Symposium on Chirality (ISCD) is the premier scientific conference series focusing on molecular and supramolecular dissymmetry in the natural and life sciences. The symposium series, which alternates between the United States, Europe and Asia, is the premier meeting for the presentation and discussion of recent scientific and technological advances related to all aspects of molecular chirality.

Chirality 2009 will bring together a diverse international collection of world-class scientists to provide the largest and most thorough coverage of all aspects of chirality, from the tutorial lectures to the most recent advances in the field. Topics range from fascinating and important fundamental questions in the natural and life sciences through the impact of chirality on practical and economic issues in science and technology in multiple disciplines. 

The basic organization of Chirality 2009 will be similar to past years. The conference opens on Sunday with the Chirality Medal Award Lecture, followed by a reception. The conference continues with a mix of Plenary, Keynote, and Oral talks, a vibrant poster session, poster competition, vendor seminars, and an exhibition where companies will showcase the latest, most comprehensive display of commercial products and innovations in scientific instrumentation, technology and software. The conference venue, Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center, on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, provides an abundance of high quality informal interaction space close to the poster area, which is between the excellent Beaver Run accommodations, and the conference lecture halls. The site was chosen to provide a physically spectacular backdrop, and a high level of convenience aimed at fostering scientific interactions.

The Symposium will offer four half-day short courses on the Sunday preceding the meeting. In addition, there will be free lunchtime vendor seminars on Monday and Tuesday. Given the cost (gratis), and quality of the presentations, there should be considerable demand for the vendor seminars.

Please direct all inquiries to Ms. Janet Cunningham, Chirality 2009 Symposium/Exhibit Manager (phone 301-668-6001, fax 301-668-4312, or email It should be noted that all papers are accepted based on the understanding that one or more of the authors will personally attend the conference and present their work.

ISCD-1 (1988)
Paris, France
ISCD-2 (1991)
Rome, Italy
D. Misiti
ISCD-3 (1992)
Tubingen, Germany
V. Schurig
ISCD-4 (1993)
Montreal, Canada
I. W. Wainer
ISCD-5 (1994)
Stockholm, Sweden
U. Hacksell
ISCD-6 (1995)
St. Louis, MO, USA
D. W. Armstrong
ISCD-7 (1995)
Jerusalem, Israel
I. Agranat
ISCD-8 (1996)
Edinburgh, UK
W. J. Lough
ISCD-9 (1997)
Nagoya, Japan
Y. Okamoto
ISCD-10 (1998)
Vienna, Austria
W. Lindner
ISCD-11 (1999)
Chicago, IL, USA
W. H. Pirkle & C. J. Welch
ISCD-12 (2000)
Chamonix, France
A. Collet & H. B. Kagan
ISCD-13 (2001)
Orlando, FL , USA
D. W. Armstrong
ISCD-14 (2002)
Hamburg, Germany
W. Konig & G. Blaschke & V. Schurig
ISCD-15 (2003)
Shizuoka, Japan
K. Saigo
ISCD-16 (2004)
New York, NY, USA
J. Canary & N. Berova & C. J. Welch
ISCD-17 (2005)
Parma, Italy
R. Marchelli & F. Gasparrini
ISCD-18 (2006)
Busan, S. Korea
M.H. Hyun
ISCD-19 (2007)
San Diego, CA, USA
T. J. Ward
ISCD-20 (2008)
Geneva, Switzerland
E. Francotte & J. Lacour
ISCD-21 (2009)
Breckenridge, CO USA
D. M. Walba
ISCD-22 (2010)
Sapporo, Japan
E. Yashima