Chirality 2009 Instructions to Poster Presenters

We look forward to your participation in the Chirality 2009 Symposium. Once you receive confirmation that your abstract has been accepted for poster presentation, it is important that you confirm your intent to present the poster by completing/returning the Chirality 2009 Meeting Registration Form.

All posters will remain up for viewing all day Monday and Tuesday. All poster presentations should be put up on Monday, July 13, between 8:30AM and 1PM. Do not remove your poster until after the poster session ends on Tuesday afternoon between 3:00PM and 4:30PM (be sure to remove the reprint envelope where people leave business cards to request reprints of your abstract – anything remaining after 5PM will be discarded).

Authors presenting a poster must be in attendance at their poster boards during the hours listed in the scientific program. The schedule showing the day to present the poster will be listed in the scientific program soon. If you submit several poster abstracts, and many of them are accepted, it is your responsibility to make sure that all your poster abstracts are covered at the assigned times. No one author may present more than two posters at one time. If you have more than two posters to present at the same time, please ask a co-author to help you or withdraw the extra posters. Note, if a co-author presents the poster, the co-author must also be registered as a conference attendee, not booth staff.


The size of each poster board is 4 feet wide (121cm) by 4 feet high (121cm).  When preparing the poster, be sure to subtract a 1-inch (2.5cm) border to leave room for the poster to properly fit on the poster board. Please note that the poster boards are somewhat smaller than in past years. This is necessary in order to accommodate the large number of high-quality poster presentations submitted and accepted and to permit viewing the posters for two whole days. This format will allow much more time to view the posters and discuss their content with the presenters.

The paper number will be located on an upper corner of the poster board, large enough to be seen 6 feet away.

Reprint request envelopes will be located on a bottom corner of the poster board so you may receive business cards requesting reprints or details about the paper presented. Please be sure to remove the reprint envelope at the end of the day on Tuesday, where people leave business cards to request reprints of your abstract.

All material to be posted must be prepared in advance because supplies for this purpose will not be available at the site. Be sure to bring the supplies you will need to mount your poster, i.e., push pins, tape, scissors, etc.

Do not use Velcro, and do not write on or mark the poster boards.



A title banner should be prepared which is not more than 4 ft. long.
Lettering should be at least 1" high. The banner should include the title, authors and address.

The minimum size of each page should be at least 8 ½" x 11." Larger sizes may be used, but size consistency is encouraged.

A minimum letter size of 14 point is recommended. Large point sizes should be used for headings. Please use block lettering and not script.

For best visual effect, use simple to semi-complex figures that can be read easily (from 4 ft. away). Labels should use type at least 18 points high.

Arrange poster sheets for logical flow from top to bottom, left to right. Number poster sheets in the order you wish them to be viewed. Consider using connecting lines (for example, colored tape) to guide the viewer. Block and subtitle several poster sheets devoted to a specific part of the work; e.g., apparatus, sample work-up, experimental details, etc.

One page should be devoted to a concise, straightforward statement of the objective of the work, and should be placed at the beginning of the board. Other pages should demonstrate in some detail the work that was done and typical results. Excessive detail is not encouraged. One page should present the results and/or conclusions of the work, and should be placed at the end of the poster presentation.